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Technology will kill your brain

I’m quite interested in how new technologies change the way we think, and I often wonder which of these changes are desirable and which are not. All the same, when I found this article from Dean Burnett, I had to chuckle a bit. Burnett lays out for us once and for all how to write any article addressing the question of technology and the brain.

The article is concerned about the effects this new technology will have on the brain, so you will need to include a general explanation of the brain’s workings, particularly a feature of it that is somehow relevant to this new thing people should be scared of.



For example, if the new technology offers new types of visual stimulation, briefly describe the brain’s complex visual system. If it’s more language based, the language processing features of the brain can be discussed. It’s a big, complex organ, the brain; there’s probably some feature of it that seemingly supports your “concerns”, so don’t feel restricted.