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Sagan Sundays

I’m going to try starting a new series dubbed ‘Sagan Sundays’, in which every week I share quotes, video clips, and tributes associated with one of the greatest cosmological philosophers of our time: Carl Sagan. Sagan’s brand of popular science was one in which he took a hard look at the human species from a cosmological perspective, considering its virtues, its faults, its triumphs, and its tribulations. He blended realism with optimism and scientific objectivity with compassionate humanism, realizing that though we may a small role in the grand scheme of the universe, we play the largest possible role in our own lives.

To get us started off, here’s a quote from Broca’s Brain. Just Sagan, looking up at the sky all starry-eyed.

If we look at the universe in the large, we find something astonishing. First of all, we find a universe that is exceptionally beautiful, intricately and subtly constructed. Whether our appreciation of the universe is because we are a part of that universe – whether, no matter how the universe were put together, we would have found it beautiful – is a proposition to which I do not pretend to have an answer. But there is no question that the elegance of the universe is one of its remarkable properties.